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"I highly recommend working with Angela! In her sessions with me she used a measured holistic approach, with intuitive questions, on a number of business problems ranging from employee hiring to strategy for my business, as well as working on my work-life balance. Each time she helped guide me below the surface to the heart of the problem, sometimes getting uncomfortable, and she helped me work my way back out to solutions for my business, and to help me achieve my professional and personal goals.  This included carving out time for myself! I sincerely appreciate the support she provided throughout my evolution with her."

Caroline Dickerson


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"Hello and welcome to Transcend & Beyond! I'm Angela Denise, a retired Senior Non-Commissioned Officer from the U.S. Army, now dedicated to helping business owners reach their full potential. As a certified business coach, I'm here to guide you through mindset challenges. At our consulting practice, we blend innovation and well-being to refine your strategic vision. Together, let's uncover hidden opportunities and elevate your business."

Angela Denise


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